Jason’s son Ryan died by suicide in 2018. This changed Jason’s life forever.

It was a week after his 14th birthday. Now, Jason is determined to reach every parent and every family about the conversation they need to be having with their kids.

As a husband and father, Jason was hit with a devastating blow of grief, loss and despair. The truth was almost too painful to comprehend: his son had struggled with depression in silence and in secret. And suddenly, he was gone.

Over the next year, as Jason had time to grieve and began to pick the pieces back up in his personal life, there was a question looming: how was this possible? And further: how had he missed it? As someone deeply involved and connected to his kids, how had he not seen the signs that Ryan was struggling?

There were no clear answers. But as a man who had built his entire life on the principles of taking ownership for everything that happens to you, there was also no way Jason was willing to remain idle. Instead of pulling away from the pain, he decided to move towards it.

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If your child or someone you know is experiencing depression or increased withdrawal. #BeThe1To Ask the questions

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