Jason Reid


Jason Reid is the founder and Chair of “Tell My Story”. In 2018 he lost his 14-year old son, Ryan to suicide. His tragic loss sent him on a mission to educate parents and spread awareness about the dangers of youth suicide. Jason has dedicated himself to increasing awareness and ending the stigma around the conversation of mental health. He is committed to working with parents, educators and organizations that are in alignment with the “Tell My Story” mission.

He is also a partner at CEO International, where he coaches CEOs on how to be successful. He co-founded National Services Group, which employs 2,500 people across three brands nationwide. He is a leader, an entrepreneur, and a devoted family man.

Ashley Talbert

Member Board of Directors

Ashley Talbert is a passionate advocate for ending the stigma around mental health issues. She has been open about her struggles with anxiety, depression and her journey toward mental wellness over the last 25 years. She is driven by the belief that everyone should have access to quality mental health care and not be ashamed or afraid to reach out for help.

Ashley has spent most of her career working in public and private education and for non-profit organizations. She has diverse experiences in program and project management, leadership development, marketing, operations and strategic planning. She is also the founder of Western Governors University’s (ERG) Employee Resource Group, whose mission is to help create a safe and more inclusive work environment through the use of compassionate inquiry and respectful dialogue around mental health and wellness.